The DBRIC is a new joint venture of the Netherlands’ Chiropractors’ Association (NCA) and the Belgian Chiropractors’ Union (BCU), and funded primarily by the members of the two associations.

This foundation funds and facilitates research of relevance to patients and the chiropractic professions in Belgium and the Netherlands.

All research and education funded by DBRIC should benefit the public in general, and patients in particular, with emphasis on neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

Research in the field of Chiropractic

DBRIC is funded by the chiropractic profession in the Netherlands and Belgium; therefore, projects designed to result in a PhD or projects designed to enhance the recognition of chiropractic will receive first priority. Multidisciplinary projects initiated by chiropractors will be welcomed too.

For further information, see “Key documents”.

Research Grant Application Form

Educational Grants Application Form

Mission & Vision

It is our mission to be the joint Belgian-Dutch centre on research and knowledge transfer within chiropractic care and musculoskeletal complaints. We want to elevate the quality of chiropractic care and neuromusculoskeletal research


The DBRIC board consists of two representatives from each of the two national chiropractic association in Belgium and the Netherlands. Both association presidents are on the board of DBRIC and they take turns being president and vice president of DBRIC.


The DBRIC is funded primarily by the members of the NCA and BVC-UBC through their annual fees to their associations. In addition, DBRIC accepts donations (tax deductible) and actively seek co-sponsoring for its research projects.


Current Research Projects

  • Raymond Ostelo and Sidney Rubinstein: “What aspects of chiropractic care do patients with low-back pain consider worthwhile? A discrete choice experiment.”
  • Annemarie de Zoete: Update of the Cochrane Review Acute Low Back Pain

Current Educational Grants recipients

  • Monique van der Marck participates in a part of Alan Jenks’ PhD-project: Back Complaints in the Elderly-Chiropractic (BACE-C)
  • Lobke de la Ruelle: Epidemiology course
  • Lobke de la Ruelle and Brenda van der Vossen provide support as part of Annemarie de Zoete’s project: “Use of and adherence to low back pain practice guidelines by Dutch and Belgium chiropractors” and ” Is the use of diagnostic imaging and self-reported clinical management of low back pain patients influenced by the attitudes and beliefs of chiropractors”.


Dutch-Belgian Research Institute of Chiropractic


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